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May 29, 2012

Distributing wheelchair among 24 villages of Khalifan subdistrict .

May 18, 2012

A news published in kurdistan-nwe newspaper about one of our activities .

Rebaz Foundation Project Chart 2008-2014

Today evening, February 2nd 2014, a delegate from Heartland Alliance organization visited Rebaz Foundation office in Sulaimani. Mrs. Lynn Hiestand (Country director of the organization) accompanied by Miss.

Awareness courses for kindergartens in Sulaimani

Today evening, January 29th 2014, Mr. David Sip (Senior Legal Advisor/ USAID access to justice program) visited Rebaz Foundation office in Sulaimani. He was warmly welcomed by the General Coordinator of the Foundation Mr. Halat Hamawandi. In a fruitful meeting crucial ideas about organizational work were exchanged. Mr. Sip expressed his esteem and admiration to Rebaz work when a brief introduction was given by General Coordinator of the Foundation.

International Day of Zero Tolerance of FGM On this occasion a round-table meeting took place sponsored by the US consulate and Wadi Organization, we at Rebaz foundation Participated in the symposium clearly expressing our viewpoint with determination to elimination of female Genital Mutilation ones and for all, in this region and middle east

A football tournament for 24 sport teams in Qarahanjeer by Rebaz Foundation.

Prividing Data shows and Electronic coolers/heaters to a school

Staff of Rebaz foundation participated in an advanced case management training program arranged by UNICEF and IRC on 25, 26/2/2014. The object of the training was providing and mentoring support on child protection and case management as well as development of standard operating procedures for child protection in Iraq.

A news published in hawal newspaper about one of our activities

A visit to Rebaz Foundation, Thalassemia committee visited Rebaz Foundation and they were welcomed by General Coordinator and other members of the Foundation

Mrs. Sajda Khlif and Mis. Hanan Fadil from { Media Center to Ensure Human Rights}, visited Rebaz Foundation office, and were welcomed by General Coordinator/ Mr. Halat Hamawandi and other members of the Foundation. In a fruitful meeting, civil issues and NGO activities were discussed, the friendly gathering took few hours at the headquarter of Rebaz Foundation in Sulaymaniyah city.

We as Rebaz Foundation celebrate World Health Day and wish the best health for our people, while we continue our attempts to enhance health sector by implementing more projects and activities.

Rebaz Foundation provided sport needs to Rozh sport club in Sulimani. The needs were supplied to Tennis section in the club. Rebaz Foundation during 7 years of work was able to implement many projects to support youth in Kurdistan

Breast cancer one of the top killers diseases which one out of eight infect with. Rebaz Foundation with collaboration of PAR hospital in Erbil ...

province Distributing gifts among Thalassemia Children in Sulaymaniya

Mr. Darbaz Kosrat Rasool the chairman of Rebaz Foundation in an interview by Rudaw media newspaper, in a part of his statement, he highlighted the organaization's activities, objectives, and future programs, outlining task and achievements.

Providing Sport needs to a sport team in Penjwen

Staff of the Foundation attended a ceremony arranged by Thalassemia Association in Sulaimani commemorating the date of Thalassemia. In the event several activities were done which made the children and the attendees happy.

We were at Rebaz Foundation one of the first NGOs to bring out an awareness Brochure about the Corona Virus in September 2013, prepared by a Physician, highlighting the symptoms, and methods of Prevention. With the rise of this epidemic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia nowadays, we are compelled to publish this again upon the season of pilgrimage, and our citizens visiting that country in a greater number, as a reminder of safeguarding them self from this disease

To promote sport in Khalifan, Rebaz Foundation opened a Football tournament for 33 teams in the area. After the final game of the tournament Rebaz Foundation representative distributed gifts among the successful teams, and they thanked the Foundation while they asked for more support from the Foundation.

A news published in kurdistani-nwe newspaper about one of our activities

As a humanitarian mission and continuity of charity works, Rebaz Foundation provided financial support to poor family in Sulaimaniah.

Providing wheelchairs to all disabled people of Khalifan

Providing financial support, child milk and other health needs to a women shelter in Sulaimani.

Today, a group of volunteers from the city of Derby –United Kingdom visited Rebaz Foundation office in Sulaymaniyah. They were warmly welcomed by the General Coordinator, and other members of the Foundation. During a friendly meeting, volunteerism, humanitarian issues and other nongovernmental organization work and activities were discussed.

Distributing gifts among children to commemorate Children's day

Breast Cancer Screening result which was done by Rebaz Foundation and PAR hospital for 10 days in Erbil , free of charge

Today the 10Th of June, 2014,we at Rebaz Foundation visited the Orphanage center at Bakrajo in Sulaymaniyah and distributed some gift and accessories among the children, mostly story books, English learning books for youth and other gifts

Rebaz Foundation latest publication, 5000 brochures about protecting teeth ...

A news published in Al-Taxi-nwe newspaper about our activities

As part of a continuous support, Rebaz Foundation provided some playground games and personal hygiene materials to the children under the age of 4, this gesture made the children and the care personal happy, certainly this is not our first and will not be last activity for these children.

Providing Humanitarian Support to Yezidi IDPs in Sulaimani
Mission Statemant

Mission Statemant ...

The mission of Rebaz Foundation is to support the leadership development of youngpeople. Enhancing Education and Health Sectors in Kurdistan; provide opportunities for those  who are empowered to take the lead in their community.   


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