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General Coordinator of Rebaz Foundation, Mr. Halat Hamawandi, attendedthe Peace and Democracy Conference in the city of Sulaimani/at RamadaHotel. The conference was held with the participation of the YouthUnion of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan,
The Democratic Arab Socialist Union in cooperation with the International Socialist Youth Union and Olof Palme International



Rebaz Foundation Provided 200 Philosophical, 
Psychological,Social,Economical, Historical, and 
Scientific Books to KhalifanTownship Library.



In the process of corporation, and continuation of implementing benevolent projects with volunteer groups of civil activist from UK,Rebaz Foundation delivered and distributed, 800 boxes of humanitarian supply to refugee camps in and around the city of Sulaymaniyah, with the collaboration of Derby East Midlands Christian Fellowships, most of these materials were collected by
philanthropic personal in the city of Derby-United Kingdom, These supplies were conveyed to Refugee Camps at (Kirkuk, Chamchamal, Koya, Takia, Kallar, Setak, Khalaqin, Dokan, Peramagroon, and some other shelters housing refugees of Syria and Iraqi war), we have pointed out that these donations consist of, winter clothing, and children toys and accessories, were collected over the period of 2 months in the city of Derby, Rebaz Foundation took upon itself, the cost of transportation and distribution of the goods, as a counterpart project parallel to this one,similar Needed supplies were distributed among Kobani refugees on the Turkish border.






 Rebaz foundation Sponsored making 60 surgeries for different

diseases in Par hospital.


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