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Rebaz Foundation opens hand work workshop for women in cooperation with Association of Future Girls 

Prolonging the project symposium/Workshops for TOT, ( Women leadership
development course) which fully funded by Rebaz Foundation with collaboration
of Women Leadership Preparing Organization in Erbil. On 12 and 13 of
September the courses were conducted to Nakhsha Organization in Erbil

Last day of the English Language Course in Erbil and Granting Certificates to the
successful participants.


روَژی یه‌كه‌می ده‌ستپێكی خوولی سێیه‌می ماده‌ هوَشبه‌ره‌كان به‌ سپوَنسه‌ری رێباز فاوه‌نده‌یشن بوَ كارمه‌ندانی به‌رێوه‌به‌رایه‌تیه‌كانی پوليسى پارێزگای سلێمانی

Posted by Rebaz Foundation on Monday, August 31, 2015


دەرەنجامی راپرسی تایبەت بە نێرگەلەکێشان کە لەلایەن ڕێباز فاوەندەیشنەوە لە سنووری پارێزگای سلێمانی لە ماوەی 2 مانگدا ئەنجامدراThe Result of Hookah Survey by Rebaz Foundation

Posted by Rebaz Foundation on Monday, July 6, 2015


Latest News about Rebaz Foundation's activities
and projects published in (ِAl Etthad) Newspaper
on 23/06/2015 , Number (3813).



Today 19 of May 2015, a delegate from Economic Development organization for Martyrs & anfal with members of Organization...

Posted by Rebaz Foundation on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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Today Appril 18th, 2015, Rebaz Foundation started the 2nd part of the First Aid course for the Employees of University of Human Develeopment, UHD in Sulaimani.

Posted by Rebaz Foundation on Saturday, April 18, 2015




Opening several women empowerment courses by Rebaz Foundation and WLOP for NGOs of Kurdistan/Erbil. The purpose of the project is raising awareness of women regarding rights, the way of thinking, their participation in society and encouraging females to become key figures and leaders in Kurdish community


Latest Report about the result of a survey done by Rebaz Foundation published on (Kurdistani Nwe) newspaper No: 6634



ئه‌مڕۆ به‌رواری 11/4/2015 ڕێباز فاوه‌نده‌یشن خولێكی فریاگوزاری سه‌ره‌تایی بۆ مامۆستایان و كارمه‌ندانی زانكۆی گه‌شه‌پێدان...

Posted by Rebaz Foundation on Saturday, April 11, 2015






ڕێباز فاوەندەیشن گۆڤارێکى تایبەت بە کار و چالاکیەکانى لە بوارى تەندروستى و پەروەردەى و مرۆیدا بڵاو دەکاتەوە کە پوختەى پڕ...

Posted by Rebaz Foundation on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Presenting an appreciation Award and Recognition trophy to
(Dr. Luqman Siwaily) for his contribution to our projects as course instructor

 Granting appreciation award and Recognition trophy to (Brigadier General Jalal Amin), (Major Omed Qadir) and (Captain Mahdi Ali) from Sulaimani Security Department for their kind contribution in conducting seminars and courses on illegal drugs arranged by Rebaz Foundation

دووەم ، سێیەم و چوارەم رۆژى خوولی سێیه‌می ماده‌ هوَشبه‌ره‌كان به‌ سپوَنسه‌ری رێباز فاوه‌نده‌یشن بوَ كارمه‌ندانی به‌رێوه‌...

Posted by Rebaz Foundation on Thursday, September 3, 2015



As part of our commitment to provide assistance to the needy people as much as possible, especially families with health issues in need of financial and health instrument or entertainment means, including a low income family in the city of Sulaymaniyah, received clothing and cash to ease the burden of their hardship. Also Rebaz Foundation provides support to a patient in order to receive needed health treatment, and today we purchased a wheelchair for a young citizen with a mobility problem part of diminishing some of that harsh load on the families with disable members




Members of Rebaz Foundation attended the Art festival by Hana institutes for training and rehabilitation of students with special needs. Contributed by purchasing some of the youth art products encouraging these talented individuals, also the IT department of Rebaz foundation participated in the preparation and designing of graduation certificates for the pupils at mentioned school.


A report about Rebaz Foundation activities and projects Published in
Attaakhi Newspaper on 19/05/2015


Latest News about Rebaz Foundation's activities
and projects published in (ATTAAKHI) Newspaper
on 22/06/2015 , Number (6919).





به‌ سپۆنسه‌ری ڕێباز فاونده‌یشن و به‌ هه‌مئاهه‌نگی به‌ڕێوبه‌رایه‌تی بؤليسى مه‌شق و شیاندن له‌ سلێمانی خولێكی چوار رۆژه‌ ب...

Posted by Rebaz Foundation on Monday, April 20, 2015



the UK in which hundreds of tons of clothes and supplies in cooperation with Rebaz Foundation were delivered to Refugees and IDPs in Kurdistan, the group had a gathering to celebrate the success of their project, while doing more likewise projects to serve Kurdistan is the main aim.

Rebaz Foundation will conduct a social survey about ( Hookah ) among youths, more less becoming a new phenomenon increasingly associated with social gathering , cafeterias, and picnics. This survey will collect data and address questions about degree of knowledge and awareness among people about all the facts, harms, and information on the subject. The survey upon completion will be published and allot to the relevant entities (Governmental or nongovernmental) as an attribute from Rebaz Foundation to raise attention to Health and social current issues. 






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