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In Collaboration with Directorate of police for training and Rehabilitation in Sulaymaniyah, Rebaz Foundation sponsored a 4 day course and awareness seminars about illegal drugs use and effects, with the participation of 40 officers from most of the branches of The Ministry of the Interior in Sulaymaniyah province, starting April 20, 2015. The course will continue in the upcoming days with more sessions, lectures by University professors and experts on the subject.



Today Appril 18th, 2015, Rebaz Foundation started the 2nd part of the First Aid course for the Employees of University of Human Develeopment, UHD in Sulaimani.

Posted by Rebaz Foundation on Saturday, April 18, 2015



Today, April 11th, 2015, Rebaz Foundation opened a first aid training course for 50 faculties and employees of University of Human Development, UHD. The course, lasting for two weeks from today , 8 hours per day , will be taught by experts in the field concerning up to date information about sudden situations and during accidents .It is worth mentioning that all the participants will receive certificates after completing the course.



Latest Report about the result of a survey done by Rebaz Foundation published on (Kurdistani Nwe) newspaper No: 6634





Letter of Appreciation to Rebaz Foundation by Mamu Zin School in Sulaimani




Another Health awareness publication was produced and printed by Rebaz Foundation (detailed information about Hepatitis, Symptoms, way of exposure to the Virus, types of the disease and prevention), this colorful and illustrated brochure was prepared by a specialist physician, it will be distributed among the public in the next two weeks.


General Coordinator of Rebaz Foundation, Mr. Halat Hamawandi, attendedthe Peace and Democracy Conference in the city of Sulaimani/at RamadaHotel. The conference was held with the participation of the YouthUnion of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan,
The Democratic Arab Socialist Union in cooperation with the International Socialist Youth Union and Olof Palme International



Rebaz Foundation Provided 200 Philosophical, 
Psychological,Social,Economical, Historical, and 
Scientific Books to KhalifanTownship Library.



In the process of corporation, and continuation of implementing benevolent projects with volunteer groups of civil activist from UK,Rebaz Foundation delivered and distributed, 800 boxes of humanitarian supply to refugee camps in and around the city of Sulaymaniyah, with the collaboration of Derby East Midlands Christian Fellowships, most of these materials were collected by
philanthropic personal in the city of Derby-United Kingdom, These supplies were conveyed to Refugee Camps at (Kirkuk, Chamchamal, Koya, Takia, Kallar, Setak, Khalaqin, Dokan, Peramagroon, and some other shelters housing refugees of Syria and Iraqi war), we have pointed out that these donations consist of, winter clothing, and children toys and accessories, were collected over the period of 2 months in the city of Derby, Rebaz Foundation took upon itself, the cost of transportation and distribution of the goods, as a counterpart project parallel to this one,similar Needed supplies were distributed among Kobani refugees on the Turkish border.




Latest News published in Kurdistani Nwe Newspaper (No: 6684- on 20/05/2015- Wednesday) about a survey by Rebaz Foundation.



Today 19 of May 2015, a delegate from Economic Development organization for Martyrs & anfal with members of Organization of front line trench Martyrs of Kurdistan paid a visit to the offices of Rebaz Foundation, and presented our General coordinator with award and honorary medal.




Rebaz Foundation will conduct a social survey about ( Hookah ) among youths, more less becoming a new phenomenon increasingly associated with social gathering , cafeterias, and picnics. This survey will collect data and address questions about degree of knowledge and awareness among people about all the facts, harms, and information on the subject. The survey upon completion will be published and allot to the relevant entities (Governmental or nongovernmental) as an attribute from Rebaz Foundation to raise attention to Health and social current issues.



After success of a great voluntary project by a group of young volunteers in UK in which hundreds of tons of clothes and supplies in cooperation with Rebaz Foundation were delivered to Refugees and IDPs in Kurdistan, the group had a gathering to celebrate the success of their project, while doing more likewise projects to serve Kurdistan is the main aim.


Latest News about our activity Published in Kurdistani New Newspaper

Mr. Darbaz Kosrat Rasool, the chairman of Rebaz
Foundation, in an interview by Rudaw Media newspaper,
in a part of his statement, he highlighted the organization's
activities , objectivesand future programs, outlining tasks
and achivements.

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Opening several women empowerment courses by Rebaz Foundation and WLOP for NGOs of Kurdistan/Erbil. The purpose of the project is raising awareness of women regarding rights, the way of thinking, their participation in society and encouraging females to become key figures and leaders in Kurdish community



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