"Electrical status in the city" Seminar in cooperation with Social Uniting Council in Sulaimany and sponsored by UPP


On Jan 15th,2020, among its continuous activities, Rebaz Foundation cooperated with Social Uniting Council in Sulaimany to hold a seminar, which was sponsored by UPP, about electrical status in the city. The seminar aimed to enhance the electricity by suggesting new plans for uniting general governmental electricity and private generators. The seminar topic was (Lack of a United System Between the Governmental Electricity and Private Generators), and it was participated by each of: Azad Muhamad (Head of Sulaimany’s Governorate Council), Ako Ali (Municipal Deputy), Magistrate Bestun (District’s Representative), Rubar Nury (Electricity Division), Engineer Kamil Muhamad (From Electricity Directorate) and Kamal Jalal (Private Generators’ Representative). In addition, many NGOs sent their representatives to participate the discussions. At the end of the discussions, a list of solid suggestions were prepared.